13 Days of Thankful (Week 1)

Day 1 is dedicated to my world, my heart, my everything. My daughter. She is the absolute most important person in my life and what I am most thankful for. The love I have for her is beyond measure. Some days, I think my heart may explode from joy. I live for every smile, laugh,… Continue reading 13 Days of Thankful (Week 1)


Letters to Santa

I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but I like to plan ahead, which includes sending our annual letter to Santa Claus! Did you know that your child can write a letter to Santa and have one returned to you postmarked from The North Pole?! When I was a kid, I would write a letter… Continue reading Letters to Santa

#13 Days of Thankful

This Saturday will mark 13 days until Thanksgiving. As the holidays arrive and the year comes to an end, I like to take time to reflect about everything that I have and even what I don't have. There is always so much to be thankful for. Even on the worst of days, I like to… Continue reading #13 Days of Thankful

A Baby Shark’s Halloween

Just like a million other children in the world, my daughter is in love with Baby Shark. It's on repeat for hours at a time. So many different youtube videos and variations of the song. It drives a parent to insanity. So I thought I would use that as inspiration for our Halloween costumes this… Continue reading A Baby Shark’s Halloween

Goose Creek Candle – Apple Bourbon

The leaves have almost completely fallen off of the trees. The weather outside is chilly enough to make me to put on my favorite soft sweater and wrap up in my coziest plaid blanket. I am drinking my coffee but starting to wind down from another hectic weekend.  I try to get in a few… Continue reading Goose Creek Candle – Apple Bourbon

She Used To Be The Life of The Party, Now She Eats Linner.

Not too long ago, I was someone who was always up for some drinks and a good time. I would have no problem starting my nights at 10PM and staying out until the wee hours - even if it was a worknight. I was spontaneous. I could drink most men under the table, dance for… Continue reading She Used To Be The Life of The Party, Now She Eats Linner.

Money Saving Tips

Today I am sharing some of my favorite money saving tips that I live by and find incredibly helpful! Budget Mind Tricks. For this you need will need to have a checking account and a savings account. It's a little mind game that you play with yourself to avoid overspending. Calculate your total income vs.… Continue reading Money Saving Tips